Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Team Malaysia Fan Run 2013: Event day pictures

Event: Team Malaysia Fan Run 2013
Date: 1 December 2013
Time: 7:00am
Venue: Precint 3, Putrajaya

-tim adam-

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Parkcity Run 2013: Event Day, Photos, Result and E-cert

For those who follow this blog (thanks!), you can see in the previous post, 'Anonymous' said the next post will be The Bromo Tengger Semeru 100 Ultra (by Shuhid 'EFR 7). As is will take times for the admin to gather the info about that event, this post will interrupt jap ek

Parkcity Run is the annual event organised by MY Races at The International School @ Parkcity. It is an interesting event every year, of course recommended by us. 

We have no info about the total number of EFRs participated in this event this year, but below are the only EFRs we can detected on the day.

Our elite runner / COBC member,  Izyan 'EFR 35', grab the 11th place
in her category (10KM women open).
Ismail 'EFR 36' also recorded sub 1-hour 10K on that day. 

First time run the event, we welcomed Syazmil 'EFR 40'.
Keep running, buddy!

-tim adam-

Friday, 29 November 2013

Event-event yang tak diupdate (sebab khabarnya admin terlalu busy..erk?)

Hi all.

Adodoi, dah lama tak dengar crite dari admin eyklfunrunners ni. Dengar crite nye, masing-masing sibuk dengan ape2 ntah. So, the regular bloggers (admin) tak function 2-3 bulan ni. 

Maka, sehubungan dengan itu, ada la sorang admin ni approach aku mintak tolong updatekan status/crite2 terkini eyklfunrunners. Katanya, tujuan blog ni diwujudkan lebih kurang dua tahun dulu pun, sebabnya nak kasi geng2 ni ada kenangan lari bersama, so dat dapat refer balik gambar2 n crite2 lama. Sweet gitu!! Plus, leh amik kesempatan kasi info pasal running event akan datang kat runner2 dalam Malaysia nih. 

Sebagai budak baru, aku pun, ape lagi, buat la research sikit. Hrmm, blog ni mainly dalam bahasa Inggeris. Alamatnya, tak dapek la den nak menolong admin sorang ni. Tapi admin tu pun ckp, "Ala, belasah je bahasa apa pun, org yang faham, faham la..yang penting, budak2 EFR sure faham". Kesimpulannya, post kite kali ni, Bahasa Kebangsaan okay? Lolx..

Last post is about Adidas KOTR, maknanya 20 Oktober. So, saya sambung dr situ la ek..

1. Powerman Malaysia

Tarikh: 27 October 2013
Tempat: Putrajaya
EFR: 3

First time di kalangan EFR yang buat duathlon. Tapi yang peliknya, EFR dah ada 2 org yang pernah buat Triathlon. Hahaha. Congratz bro neway!

EFR 3 ketika di Powerman Malaysia

2. 2XU Compression Run Malaysia

Tarikh: 3 November 2013
Tempat: Padang Merbok
EFR: 7, 18, 31, 35

Gua dengar 4 orang EFR join event ni. Tapi, xde gambar yang admin kasi utk letak kat sini. Sory la ek.

3. Salomon X-Trail Malaysia

Tarikh: 10 November 2013
Tempat: MARDI, Serdang
EFR: 11, 16, 36

Dengar crite dorang (EFR yang masuk) cakap event ni best. Since EFR yang join ni mmg kaki/gila hiking, of coz dorg enjoy buat trail running. 

3. Penang Bridge International Marathon

Tarikh: 17 November 2013
Tempat: Penang Beridge
EFR: Ramai join (xde full list)

Antara yang menarik untuk dihighlightkan di sini:-
i) EFR 35 lari full marathon (42KM) first time, and lagi best, bersama2 dengan husband tersayang;
ii) EFR 3 lari half marathon (21KM), then lepas abis, lari pulak 10KM, so total 31KM = 2 medals.

Next post: Bromo Ultra Marathon (EFR 7)...coming soon


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

PETZL Trail Night Run 2013: Event details

PETZL Trail Night Run 2013

Putrajaya Challenge Park

28 December 2013


10KM only


Runners' entitlements:
PETZL Headlamps (Market price RM89)
Dry-fit T-shirt
Finisher Medal
Bib number + bank chargers + registration chargers
Food + water station
Voucher discount PETZL lighting
Winners' prizes



Adidas King of The Road 2013

The event was held last Sunday morning, 20 October 2013 at NPE highway which was start and finish in front of Sunway Pyramid. 

As Adidas KOTR always has been an event for EFRs to run 10K, this year, EFR 37 (Nazrin), EFR 36 (Ismail), EFR 1 (Ikhwan) and EFR 18 (Min-Yi) tried their 16.8KM categories for the first time. Congratz to all four of them, as they all clocked the nett time around 1h 30m to 1h 40m. Nazrin, the sub 1-hour 10K runner, being the fastest EFR in this category with 1h 32m.

Once again EFR 7 (Shuhid) repeated the history of running back-to-back event, ran 10KM KOTR, after her half marathon at BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon (BSNPNM) on the night before. Last year, she ran 21KM BSNPNM, and then, went off to Singapore to complete her 10KM there.

Adidas King of The Road is EYKLFunRunners' first running event back in 2011, so this time EFR 7 and EFR 9 took part as their 2nd anniversary year run. EFR 9 managed to clocked new PB, as for EFR 7 she just take it as recovery run. Both of them get sub 2hr for 10km run. EFR 3 being the only EFR to run this 3 times, in 2011, 2012 and this year.

Here are the snapshots from EFR's camera of the day. Enjoy!!

NPE flooded with runners

EFR 7 all in for Malaysia

EFR 7 and her bootcamp friends

EFR 7 back to back running event

-BC Ghost-

Monday, 21 October 2013

BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2013

BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2013

Presint 3, Putrajaya


19 October 2013 (Saturday)

Congratz to all EFRs, especially those who achieved their PB. Not to forget, EFR 35 Izyan Latiff, who break sub 2-hour for her HM, first ever among EFRs!! Kudos!!!
EFR 35 & EFR 7
EFR 39

EFR 35 & EFR 7 with thier bootcamp friends
-tim adam-

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Team Malaysia Fan Run 2013: Back with new categories!

Team Malaysia Fan Run 2013

Gathering time: 
6.00am onwards

Dataran Putrajaya, Precint 3, Putrajaya

15KM Open 
10KM Open 
10KM Corporate 
3KM Fun Run

Runners' entitlements:
Runner's tee
Runner's bib
Timing device (15KM & 10KM only)
Medal & cert (finisher only)
Snack pack

To register/for more info: 

EFRs last year:


Friday, 4 October 2013

OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2014: Registration open

OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2014

17-19 January 2014

Dataran Merdeka, KL

The Tricycle Ride, Age 2-5
The Kids Ride, 5km, Age 5-9
The Junior Challenge, 30 mins, Age 10-12
The Community Ride, 24km, Age 10+
The Foldies Community Ride, 24km, Age 10+
The Ultimate Foldies Challenge, 20mins, Age 13+
The Challenge, 48km, Age 14+
The Corporate Charity Challenge, 48km, Age 14+
The Criterium Event

For more info, log on to the Official Website!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Stanchart Chartered KL Marathon 2013: Photos, results and e-certificates

Congratulations EFR on your completion of Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10KM!

Hope you enjoy the event this year. We have another 2 full marathon virgins who lost their 'virginity' this year, salute to Pisang (EFR 31) and Andy (EFR 4). Trust me, the completion of 42.195KM is not about time, but to finish it. Kudos for having the passion & courage. So far, EFR already have 5 full marathoners but no one of them has done it twice yet. Who will be the first? I hope you challenge yourself. The next EFR to do FM is Izyan (EFR 35) at the upcoming Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013. We wish her all the best!

You may find your running photos, results and E-certificate at the link below:

Harun 'EFR 31' - 05:15:00
Andy 'EFR 4' - 07:34:08

Keat 'EFR 19' - 2:13:51
Ikhwan 'EFR 1' - 02:20:37
Shuhid 'EFR 7' - 2:44:10
Kim Li 'EFR 21' - 02:51:36
Adee 'EFR 14' - 03:22:42

Nazrin 'EFR 37' - 00:55:51
Min-yi 'EFR 18' - 00:59:21
Ismail 'EFR 36' - 01:02:52
Syafiq 'EFR 38' - 01:04:53
Fadhlul 'EFR 3' - 01:10:48
Remy 'EFR 11' - 1:15:53
Afiq 'EFR 22' - 01:18:02
Yvonne 'EFR 28' - 01:27:43
Norehan 'EFR 9' - 01:28:27
Hazirah 'EFR 10' - 01:28:48

-tim adam-

Monday, 30 September 2013

MYCAT Wild Tiger Run 2013: Registration is going to be closed soon (several days)..

MYCAT Wild Tiger Run 2013

9 November 2013

Taman Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Distance & fees: 
10KM (RM50) & 3KM (RM30)

Runners' entitlements: 
Finisher medal (10KM only)
Goodie bag
Light breakfast
Event tee 

To register: 

To find out more about MYCAT, go to or follow their FB page their FB page.


Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013: Event Day and Results

Event: Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013
Date: 29 September 2013
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, KL

EFR 4 - Full Marathon (42KM)

For your individual results, click HERE!